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Goodwin Academy
         Life can be stressful enough without the complication of childcare. At Goodwin Academy, we strive to provide safe reliable childcare when you need it. Let us be your child's care provider. We provide parents ease of mind; with our many safety features.

    Goodwin Academy is a Fraser Health licensed daycare centre in a commercial building. 



Finding out what Goodwin Academy is teaching your child is easy.
Applying to Goodwin Academy is easy.
 1.) Print application 
2.) Complete form 
3.) Email it to or  drop it off
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Putting your mind at ease

Daily  Schedule

The Goodwin Effect 

What makes Goodwin Academy different from other daycare centres




  •  Childcare is provided by trained ECE and ECEA professionals.
  • Care providers are first aid certified.
  • All staff trained in Goodwin Academy's safety protocols
  • Goodwin Academy is licensed with Fraser Health Authority 
  • Parents have access to live video of their child while in care.
  • There is mirrored film on front windows for privacy.
  • Goodwin Academy is located in a commercial building 
  • The outdoor play area is protected by double fence.
  • The fire department is 4 minutes away 
  • The police department is 2 minutes away
  • The building meets all codes and bylaws set out by the city of  Surrey.
  • We have impact absorbing indoor play area flooring.
  • Toys are age appropriate.  
  • Goodwin Academy has far more than regulated. There are large open spaces for free movement.
  • We offer an indoor play area for active children.
  • There are activity specific rooms, so children are not cooped up in the same room for many hours.
  • There is an ample amount of natural lighting in the facility.
  • Goodwin Academy is close to the Skytrain, highway 1, and Pattullo Bridge, for commuting ease.
  • We are open many hours a day, 7 days a week, and 364 days a year.
  • Goodwin Academy can cover shift of up to 13 hours
  • Our facility has a wide variety of age appropriate toys and supplies.
  • Childrens progress is documented for parents.
  • We offer violin, yoga, and dance classes on site, for parents that don't have time to shuttle their children to extracurricular activities.
  • Our website is updated regularly.
​Character building
  • reinforcing moral code
  • building self-confidence
  • instilling a sense of community
  • giving children a sense of accomplishing something new

  • math
  • science
  • art
  • english
  • kindergarten ready
  • karaoke

For Parent
  • monthly calendars emailed and provided to parents.
  • academic and opperations transparency​
  • parents encouraged to​ submit ideas
  • ​no screen time


At Goodwin academy,  we are committed to providing a stimulating, educational, play-based curriculum to assist children’s learning, enhance their knowledge and meet their individual developmental needs. The curriculum is not only designed to allow adaptable, spontaneous activities based on the children’s interests, but also, those mapped and facilitated by our experienced educators.

We provide a supportive environment that encourages positive social interactions. Our philosophy is based on an appreciation for each child’s uniqueness. We encourage children to develop problem solving skills as well as an understanding of the world around them. We believe that the childcare environment should be inclusive to all children, and we strive to offer programs that are enlightening, caring, and creative.

Goodwin Academy will work diligently to empower children to be responsible and considerate. We will provide a safe space to enhance character building and diversity. This solid foundation interwoven with education will help each child fulfill their academic potential. 
Featured Story

The Rock King

        A long time ago, in a rural kingdom, a King placed a large stone in the middle of the street. Then he sat in some nearby bushes, in order to see if anyone would move it. Many People came upon the stone and walked around it. Most of the people complained that the king was doing a poor job of maintaining the road, but none of them attempted to remedy the situation. 

           It wasn't long before a group of children riding bikes came flying down the road and slowed as they approached the rock. One of the children attempted to move it out the street, however, it was too heavy. The other children seeing their friend struggle set down their bikes to help. In no time the road was clear again. 

        as the children raced back to their bikes, they were surprised to see a large sack of money tied to each bike with a note from the king. The note read “it is better to take action rather than complain”. all the children danced and sang and soon were on with their day. 

Moral: All obstacles we face in life give us an opportunity to better our circumstances.

ancient proverb